Sweet! The sundae you need to try NOW


Ice cream is the perf warm weather treat, so when we found a new dip-licious twist on the traditional cone, we had to try it. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday or just want a cool confection with the besties, this sundae is super fun to make (not to mention crazy delish). Just mix, bake, freeze and get ready to make some serious tastebud magic happen. 

Ingredients: Serves 10

•  10 cones (either sugar or waffle will work)

•   2 jars of hot fudge sauce (we prefer Hershey's)

•  1 box of Brownie mix

•  2  tubs of cupcake frosting

•  2 large tubs of whipped cream

•   Optional: peanuts, colored sprinkles, cherries


1.  Grab your cones and wrap bottoms in foil, then sit them upright in a muffin pan.

2. Take some hot fudge sauce with a spoon and add a little to the bottom of each cone. About 2-3 inches from the bottom up should do the trick!


3. Make your brownie batter using the instructions on the box and spoon it right into each cone over the fudge sauce. Bake per box direcitons.

4. Take your baked cones carefully out of the oven and allow to cool for 15 minutes. 


5. Add some fudge sauce over the baked brownie inside the cone and take one scoop of cookie dough ice cream, and one scoop of peanut butter chunk chocolate ice cream over each cone.  

6. Throw your mufffin pan with cones into the freezer for a 1-2 hours until everything is completely solid.

7. Once fully frozen, take them out and add a layer of white cupcake frosting over the top of each cone. Once your cupcake frosting is on, add a layer of whipped cream.  

8. Toss your cones into the freezer again for about an hour (or until frosting has hardened).

9. Take your remaining fudge and put into a large bowl. Flip your frozen cones (carefully) upside down and dunk each cone top into the chocolate fudge coating.

10. Flip them back over and sit them up straight in the muffin pan and allow to freeze for another hour. Once the fudge has frozen over, take them out and drizzle some warm fudge sauce over.


9. Granish with peanuts, colored sprinkes, and add a cherry if you'd like!


10. Tada! You've got yourself the ultimate sundae. YUM. 

What’s your fave summer treat? Let us know in the comments below.

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by Jossie Carbonare | 2/1/2016