11 ways to revamp your snacks to help you stay fuller longer

The very best snacks are perfect placeholders—not big enough to be considered a meal, but not so small they do nothing to fend off your hunger. Still feeling famished? You might be eating the wrong things. Check out our superfood suggestions below to stay sated all day.  
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    1. Switch your fruit-filled yogurt with low-fat Greek yogurt.

    Many yogurt brands jam-pack sugar into their containers by adding syrupy fruit. These fruity sugar-filled yogurts have very little protein (which is what you really need to feel full), so play it safe with plain Greek yogurt and sweeten with raw honey.

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    2. Ditch your diet soda for sparkling water and fruit. 

    Sure, all those bubbles can certainly fill you up quickly, but new research says that drinking diet soda without food could actually leave you leaving craving sweets. Sparkling water and fruit satisfies your bubble craving *and* that sweet tooth.

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    3. Replace your potato chips with air-popped popcorn.

    Salty snacks like chips make you thirsty, which can trick your body into thinking its hungry. Get the crunch you want with air-popped popcorn and add cinnamon or Parmesan cheese for flavor.

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    4. Swap out water in your smoothie for yogurt.

    When it comes to snacking with smoothies, consistency is key. According to a 2013 study, people associate thicker texture with fat and fat with being full. Add in some Greek yogurt to your smoothie instead of water and feel the difference!

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    5. Trade in candy for some unsalted nuts.

    Candy, although delicious, is full of simple sugars that your body burns through quickly. Having a snack with protein, fat and fiber (like unsalted nuts) is a sweeter move.

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    6. Instead of fruit juice, have some fruit with low-fat cheese. 

    Research has shown that drinking nutrients isn’t as satisfying as eating 'em (duh!). Grab and apple and some low-fat cheese to add some fiber, protein and fat to your diet.

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    7. Forget the rice cakes and make some whole-grain avocado toast instead.

    Although low in calories, rice cakes lack fat, which makes you feel full longer, and are packed with refined carbs, which supply very little energy. Instead, make some whole grain toast and top it off with some smashed avocado.

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    8. Ditch that morning sugar and fill up with fiber.

    Instead of grabbing your go-to, choose a cereal with whole-grains, low sugar and fiber. And while almond milk may seem like a better choice, nut milks actually lack protein. Stick with traditional dairy if you can.

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    9. Put down the cupcake and snag an English muffin with nut butter.

    It’s no surprise that cupcakes are full of sugar. Tons of sugar can lead to a major sugar high...which can lead to a hard crash later in the day. Instead make a whole-grain English muffin with almond or peanut butter for a snack that will keep your energy levels steady and your stomach full.

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    10. Throw out last night’s leftover Chinese food for some brown-rice sushi.

    Your fried rice and noodles may look pretty appetizing, but they could be full of the additive MSG, which can cause your body to have trouble detecting that you are full. For a similar snack full of fiber and healthy fats, try a California roll with brown rice.

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    11. Put the instant oatmeal packet back in the box and make some steel-cut oatmeal.

    Whole oats, like the ones in steel-cut oatmeal, will provide you with more energy than the sugar-laced oats in instant.


by Kelsie Ahern | 2/1/2016