Be a kid again with recipes using your fave cereals


Relive your elementary school mornings with sweet cereal recipes. These 3 treats will satisfy your sweet tooth and remind you of your cherished childhood days.


Lucky Charms Treats

What you'll need:

4 tablespoons of butter
5 cups of mini marshmallows
6 cups of Lucky Charms
12 ounces of white chocolate


1. Add 4 tablespoons of butter to a large pot and put it on the stove over low heat.

2. Pour the marshmallows into the butter and mix until the butter and marshmallows are melted. Take the pot off of the stove.

3. Apply butter to a spatula and blend the Lucky Charms into the mix using the spatula.

4. Grease the sides and bottom of a 13x9 inch pan and mold the cereal combination into the pan.

5. Allow the mixture in the pan to cool down.

6. Slice the cooled cereal into squares and take the squares out of the pan.

7. Use a double boiler to melt the white chocolate.

8. Apply a strip of wax paper to a baking sheet and set it aside.

9. Dunk the Lucky Charm squares into the melted white chocolate and rest them on the wax paper baking sheet.

10. Give your treats some time to harden before devouring their deliciousness!

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Marshmallow Fruity Pebbles Pudding Pops

What you'll need:

1 box of instant pudding mix (in the flavor of your choice)
1 cup of Marshmallow Fruity Pebbles


1. Follow the directions on the back of the box to make the instant pudding. This should require using some milk.

2. Combine 1 cup of Marshmallow Fruity Pebbles to the pudding once it is made and mix the pudding and cereal together.

3. Add the cereal and pudding combo into Popsicle molds. Place a Popsicle stick into each mold.

4. Slip the Popsicles into the freezer.

5. Remove the popsicles from the freezer after a few hours. Now, savor the sweetness of these fruity and fun pops.

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Froot Loop Clusters

What you'll need: 

16 ounces of white chocolate chips or almond bark
1 tablespoon of shortening
5-7 cups of Froot Loops
Any additional treats you love (nuts, M&M’s, mini marshmallows, etc.)


1. Apply a strip of wax paper or parchment paper to a large baking sheet and set to the side.

2. Add 5 cups of Froot Loops into a large bowl and put the bowl to the side.

3. Pour the white chocolate chips (or almond bark) and shortening into a microwave safe bowl.

4. Heat the white chocolate chips and shortening in the microwave for 1 minute to melt the ingredients.

5. After the first minute, microwave the combination for 20 seconds at a time and stir after each 20 seconds. Remove the bowl from the microwave once the white chocolate is a creamy consistency.

6. Combine the melted white chocolate into the bowl of Froot Loops. Use a rubber spatula to fold the 2 ingredients together.

7. Mix any extra Froot Loops into the bowl by ½ cup until you add the desired amount.

8. Scoop the cereal combination onto the baking sheet into round clusters. Be sure that the scoops are each about the size of a tablespoon.

9. Continue to scoop the cereal and white chocolate mix until the bowl is empty and the baking sheet is full.

10. Leave the baking sheet out or put it in the refrigerator to cool down and set the clusters.

11. Keep your candied clusters in a sealed container somewhere cool and dry for complete freshness.

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Which of these sugary cereal recipes do you want to try the most? What is your favorite childhood cereal? Share with us in the comments!

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by Megan Holt | 8/14/2016