7 desserts that are perfect if you love animals

Who doesn’t love animals? And eating delicious cupcakes or cookies? What if there was a way to combine them? These amazing and adorable recipes are just what you need for a fun time that you and your friends will certainly go “aww” over.

Flamingo Cupcakes
These creatures aren’t just majestic but yummy too. You’ll need a steady hand to recreate these cupcakes and it’ll be all worth it.

Owl Cupcakes
This recipe combines cupcakes and we need to say more?

Chocolate Butterflies
These butterflies are great toppers for cakes, cupcakes and/or dessert galore. You could recreate the monarch butterfly design or maybe make a beautiful pattern on your own.

Panda Cupcakes
With this recipe, you can change the pandas' expressions so they can make different faces.

Polar Bear Paw Prints
You definitely can go coconuts over this cute and simple cupcake recipe. Coconut shreds = bear’s fur.

Sea Otter Cupcakes
Inspired by the sea otters from Finding Dory, these cupcakes almost look like the real deal. They might be a little time-consuming but they’ll turn out amazing.

Cookie Monster Cupcakes
This is for all the Sesame Street fans out there! Cookie Monster is the coolest “animal” there is because loves cookies just like we do. Have fun but try not to get the blue frosting everywhere.

Which is your favorite recipe? Let us know in the comments below!

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by Nicole Eggleston | 7/27/2017