6 galaxy themed recipes for tomorrow's solar eclipse

With the solar eclipse happening tomorrow, we found some amazing out-of-this-world recipes for you to munch on. Filled with color, glitter and loads of fun, these treats will be the perfect addition to your eclipse-watching sesh.

Galaxy Ice Cream
This frozen treat will keep you cool while enjoying the eclipse right from your own backyard.

Galaxy Sugar Cookie Bars
This recipe tastes like your mom's homemade frosted sugar cookies but way more fun to make.

Galaxy Bark
Sprinkles and glitter galore! This galaxy bark recipe is simple and won’t take long to make.

Galaxy Popcorn
This planetary popcorn may be super messy but it’s *so* worth it. Find the instructions to the recipe here.

Galaxy Monkey Bread Muffins
With this galaxy recipe, you can either pull apart and get your fingers sticky or just eat it whole. We vote for sticky fingers coated in cinnamon, sugar and glitter.

Galaxy Cookies
Star shapes make these cookies an amaze addition to the solar eclipse—remember to throw tons of celestial sprinkles on them, too.

Which recipe are you willing to try? Let us know in the comments below!

Photo credit: Pinterest, A Little Craft In Your Day

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by Nicole Eggleston | 8/20/2017