5 fun desserts you can make *right* now

The internet is filled with wacky recipes, some of which are more experimental than, well, good. But we're all about these clever twists on classic desserts. Hey, you can't go wrong with ice cream tacos, right?

Here a few tasty dessert ideas to serve at your next party...

Cheesecake Taquitos  

Traditional cheesecake is great, but it can take a while to make. These "taquitos" are way easier, and we bet you have most of the ingredients in your fridge already. 

Photo credit: Life in the Lofthouse

Apple Pie Fries

This dipping dessert take all the fuss out of pie: you simply dip strips of tasty pie crust into apple filling. (Isn't that the best part??) It'd make the perfect midnight snack at a sleepover. 

Photo credit: Cincyshopper

Ice Cream Tacos

Let's get right to the point: THESE TACO SHELLS ARE COVERED IN CHOCOLATE. OK, so you can see our excitement, right? To make them, you melt chocolate and then paint the shells, which is like a craft project and a sweet treat all in one. Oh yeah, and there's ice cream. Share these with your BFFs stat.

Photo credit: Pretty Providence

Chocolate Ravioli

Making pasta is fun, but it's not exactly a quick process. The same is true for these cocoa-infused ravioli. You have to roll out the dough, stuff 'em, fill 'em, cook 'em and serve 'em. Which is all to say, give yourself plenty of time before making this picture-perfect dessert.

Photo credit: Pinch Me I'm Eating

Strawberry Shortcake Kabobs

You could make these kabobs from scratch...or you could buy some angel cake or pound cake at the store and stack with strawberries on skewers. It all depends on how much time you have. Either way, these sweeties will be a crowd pleaser. 

Which of these yummy desserts are you making this week? Share in the comments!

Photo credit: Lil Luna


by Kelly Zheng | 7/31/2018