The prettiest cocoa recipes to whip up this winter

Nothing says warm and cozy like a big mug of hot chocolate, but pouring this winter fave doesn't have to be boring. Check out six creative recipes that'll have you saying, "More, please!"

Snowman Soup 

While you could obvs enjoy this deliciously simple treat yourself, cocoa always tastes sweeter when you share with others. Rather than gifting your gals a plain packet, this craft helps you step up your cocoa game by making ‘Snowman Soup.’ Cocoa is not the same without marshmallows, so make sure to include those! Plus, a miniature candy cane can be used to stir the drink while adding a hint of peppermint to the cocoa. It’s the perfect cutesy treat for a chilly day.

The Marshmallow Maximalist 


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You know you’re making this drink right when you have more marshmallows than cocoa. The recipe requires use of a stovetop, so you’ll want a parent or older sib to help you make the cocoa itself. Cocoa powder, salt and heavy cream give this drink a layered flavor that’s the perfect balance of sweet and bitter. A wafer straw is only proper for such an elegant take on the Christmas classic.

Orange Hot Chocolate

Diving further into the less-sweet kind of cocoa, we found this yummy orange-flavored cocoa recipe. It looks super unique and incorporates a fruity flavor that gives it a little extra zing compared to your average cocoa. The details are what make this drink stand out—like the thin orange zest sprinkled over the whipped cream! If you’re looking to make this but still want a sweet taste, feel free to use regular chocolate in place of dark.

Mint Hot Chocolate


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Mason jar mugs were made for warm bevvies, and this mint cocoa is no exception! This rustic concoction can be made in a crock pot for the perfect creamy consistency. The green pastel color fits great with cozy winter pics, and the mint flavor makes this drink extra refreshing. We’re sure Santa’s elves would approve.

Gingerbread Mug Mates

Alright, so this one isn’t technically a cocoa recipe so much as it is a cocoa accessory, but it’s *the* cutest way to dress up your powdered cocoa. By making a hole in the gingerbread peoples' arms, you can hang them on the side of your mug using a candy cane. As a sweet bonus, any gingerbread men you don’t decorate with can be dipped in your drink and eaten. It’s twice the festive fun!

"Mint for Me" Hot Cocoa With Hearts 


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This cocoa again incorporates mint into the recipe for a sharper flavor. The real star of the show, though, is the glammed up mug. Adding whipped cream and heart-shaped marshmallows gives this drink a hopeless romantic feel, while the peppermint crushed around the edge gives a red pop to your pics. If Instagram were a hot cocoa, it would probably be this one.

Which recipe do you want to try most? Tell us in the comments!

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by Bailey Bujnosek | 12/16/2019