5 homemade coffee recipes to pump you up

With our regular schedules uprooted, you may be finding it difficult to maintain a sense of motivation these days...enter, coffee! Here are five yummy coffee drink recipes to give you that extra boost you need. 

Iced mint latte

Get an extra blast of minty freshness in your morning routine with this iced latte. You can also enjoy it as an energizing hot beverage by carrying out the recipe without ice. 

Vanilla swirl 

Want to be jumping around like a spry vanilla bean in no time? This recipe, while still sweet and super delicious, is free of artificially flavored coffee syrups, preventing you from experiencing a hardcore crash later on. 

Iced cinnamon honey latte

This coffee drink is like sunshine in a cup. The powerful spice of the cinnamon paired with the delectable honey is enough to make all your morning blues melt away. 

Copycat Starbucks mocha 

Missing those routine Starbucks runs with your girls? Call them over Facetime and create your own copycat versions of this warm mocha latte. Spending some time with your besties over a virtual coffee date will infuse you with all the girl power (and chocolate) you need to seize your day. 

Matcha and espresso fusion

Can't decide between tea or coffee? Now you don't have to. Matcha, carrying loads of health benefits, couples with espresso in an unexpectedly scrumptious way. This chilled drink will ensure you're at peak productivity all day. 

What drinks have been your go-to lately? Tell us your recipe in the comments below. 


by Cassandra R Lopez | 4/27/2020