Spice up your waffle and make it a s'mores waffle to celebrate National Waffle Day!

Did you ever think that a waffle could be more delicious than it already is? If you're looking for an *amaze* breakfast treat sure to make your taste buds explode—the s'mores waffle will certainly do the trick! This waffle is topped with tons of yummy ingredients that will make you want to cook these over and over (and take *tons* of pics for your Insta feed).

It's National Waffle Day this August and if you're wondering how to celebrate—follow these steps to get a perfect, mouth-watering s'mores waffle! 

Steps for how to make a s'mores waffle: 

1. Whip up a waffle mix of your choice to create the most delicious waffles ever. This mix can be from the store or homemade to create the best waffles you have ever had! 

2. Put your waffle mix in a waffle iron to allow the waffles to cook. Wait up to five minutes for the waffles to cook and be golden brown so they are ready to eat!

3. Next, after the waffles are done cooking, it is time to layer the waffles with s'mores toppings! Drizzle chocolate sauce, marshmallows or fluff and graham cracker crumbs to create the perfect s'mores waffle. 

4. Now, enjoy your s'mores waffle and get ready to want more! 

Enjoy this new recipe that you can add to your fave dessert list! This waffle is perfect for any occasion so get ready to share it with all of your friends and family. 

We would love to see pictures of your delectable s'mores waffle creations. Tag us in pictures of your tasty treats using @girlslifemag!  


by Mara Greenberg | 8/24/2020