6 edible cookie dough recipes you need to make ASAP

What's better than fresh-baked cookies? Eating the dough, of course! But you've probably seen the warnings *not* to do that. The raw ingredients can make you sick, which is the last thing anyone wants right now. So, instead of sneaking a scoop from the Toll House tub, make safe-to-eat cookie dough right at home with these easy recipes.

Ben & Jerry's


The ice-cream legends have *finally* revealed how you can get delicious, snackable cookie dough without a trip to the store. The recipe doesn't require eggs but does require heat-treating your flour so that the ingredients are safe to snack on. Grab your chocolate chips and find the recipe here (or watch the video above).

Food Network Kitchen's

Image: Unknown/Food Network

The pros in the Food Network kitchen have a recipe that's quite similar to Ben & Jerry's (an excuse to make both), with one key difference. Instead of using heavy cream, their recipe calls for milk.  You can learn how to make it here.



This dough takes just ten minutes to whip up, making it a fan favorite already. The unique ingredient is this recipe? Graham cracker crumbs, for that little extra crunch that will have everyone begging for your secret. Find the recipe here.

Kawaii Sweet World's


Kawaii Sweet World creator Rachel Fong turns a basic recipe into five yummy flavors in her take on the edible cookie dough craze. If you're into Nutella, unicorns, or the blessing that is peanut butter and chocolate, this recipe is for you.

The Today Show's

Image: Nathan Congleton/TODAY

Break out the food coloring! The Today Show has colorful cookie dough to satisfy all your cravings. Their recipe calls for a little less milk and a lot more sprinkles than any other. Peep the recipe here.

Delicious Everyday's

Image: Nicole Malik/Delicious Everyday

If you're looking for a recipe without animal products, Delicious Everyday has got you covered. Their vegan cookie dough recipe uses almond milk in place of regular milk, as well as vegan-friendly chocolate chips. Ready to roll up some dough? Try out the recipe here.

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Slider Image: Ben & Jerry's


by Bailey Bujnosek | 8/15/2020