Instantly upgrade your room with these tiny tweaks


You've been dreaming of a room straight out of a magazine but completely redesigning your room is *way* more than just a little chore. However, that doesn't mean you have to settle for the same old, same old. This weekend (or even this afternoon!) take an hour and try one of these mini upgrades to quickly take your room from blah to beautiful.


Original artwork

Make your own artwork for your wall to add a personal touch to your decor. Splatter different colors of paint on a blank canvas, let it dry and hang up your masterpiece. Use a variety of colors that will accent your room's scheme.


Photo collage

Nothing fills an empty wall better than photos. Take some wire and cute pins to hold the wire up and attach it to your wall. Then decorate clothespins to hang your fave photos. Your room will look picture-perfect in no time. 


White board

Organization is a must when it comes to a well-kept room. Make notes on what you need to accomplish that day or even just write yourself a positive message on your board. You can keep track of all your to-do's in the cutest way possible.


Candle corner

A good-smelling room is the *best* kind of room so break out all the candles your heart desires. Arrange them in an artsy way and use all different colors and heights for visual appeal.


Fuzzy rug

Say goodbye to plain floors by adding a colorful, soft rug. Have a carpeted room already? You can still use an area rug to spruce up your space and if you’re feeling bold, throw in a touch of white faux fur for a really on-trend accent.


Fairy lights

Hanging lights make your room beautiful (and more magical) even in the dark. Who said Christmas lights should only be hung in December? String them around your space for a soft glow.

How do you give your room a mini makeover? Share your secrets in the comments! 

Photo credit: Homedit, Pinterest, Pinterest, HZCDN, Bedroom Design Catalog.

by Makaila Nichols | 11/2/2016