8 clever ways to organize your room for 2019

One of the most popular New Year's resolutions? Be more organized. And that makes sense because *nothing* makes your life feel more in order than a clean, clutter-free room. If you want to start the year off on a nice and neat note—and make Marie Kondo
proud—try one of these Pinterest-inspired organization tips for your bedroom. You'll be surprised at how much more put-together you feel, and ready to take on 2019!

1. Use shower curtain rings to hang a lot of tank tops (or scarves) on one hanger.

2. Make your own drawer dividers with old shoe boxes.

3. Don't toss all your eyeshadow and blush into one messy basket. Instead, DIY this simple magnetic makeup board.

4. Fold your t-shirts with this space-saving technique.

5. Store your straighteners, curling irons and other hair tools in a pretty magazine holder.

6. Turn a boring cart into a rolling vanity station.

7. Organize all your jewelry (aka never deal with tangled necklaces again!) on a cork board. For an extra pop, cover the board with colorful fabric first.

8. Hang your boots with pants hangers to avoid them cluttering up your closet floor.

What's your best organization tip? Let us know in the comments! 

Photo credit: Pinterest

by Amanda Tarlton | 1/20/2019