These *sweet* decorations are perfect if you love fruit

One of the best parts about summer is all the delicious fruits: strawberries, blueberries, watermelon, pineapple, you name it. And now, both your snacks *and* your decor can have bright and fun flavor with these fruit-inspired picks. They're the perfect way to fab up your room for the season so you can have your fruit...and decorate with it, too.

Want to show off your crafty side? Try making your own decor... 


These frutti tutti plant pots will add some life to your room (literally). Lemons, watermelon and pineapples, oh my! Fill your pot with a flower, cactus, or even fake plant if you're going to be busy this summer and won't have time to water it every day. 


 Create your own fruit coasters in minutes. All you need is cork coasters, some paint, a brush or two and your creativity. 


Welcome warmer weather with this DIY watermelon doormat. The fruity pattern is a totally sweet decoration for your home. 

Crammed on time? Buy one of these, instead...


It'll feel and smell like summer with this pineapple candle. Not only does the candle look cute and trendy with it's glamorous gold finish, but also gives the aroma of a tropical vacay. What could be better?!


This clock is the perfect way to tell time, whether you're waiting to hit the pool with your friends or leave for the mall on a night out.

What's your favorite fruit? Would you ever decorate with it? Comment below! 

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by Ellie Pesetsky | 5/31/2017