Fashion girls, this is how to create your Insta-worthy dream room

Fashion girls, listen up! Your space is about to get *way* cuter.

Trends may not be universal, fashion girls know that their passion for clothes is. So how else can you show off your styling skills? By turning your room into your fashionista's dream land. Here's how...

Start scheming
You can’t change anything unless you have a color scheme. First, pick a neutral color for your room—that's a black, white, gray or creme shade. Then, you need your accent colors. These are the colors that are going to pop throughout your room. If you are having trouble, try using the color wheel for help.  

Form fit it
Whether you like to so sew or not, this is a must-have for any clothing obsessee. This item is great for planning out daily outfits or showing off a really special piece, like your worn-once homecoming dress from last year. Or, if you have the skills to sew, you can design amazing piece with it.

Cover it up 
Some of our favorite fashion celebrities, YouTubers and magazines make bedding. If there is a style or brand icon you're obsessed with, check them out. If not, then pick something that you enjoy. After that, you are going to need accents pillows—lots and lots of accent pillows. They add color, texture and dimension to a space!

Pick some wallfowers
Next, we have to take care of the walls. This DIY sign draws inspo from Andy Warhol *and* the fashion world, making it the perf, chic way to pull the whole room together. If your not a crafty person, try just framing your favorite magazine covers and arranging them into a gallery wall. 

Rack city
Adding a clothing rack to your space not only gives you a reason to shop a bit more, it also allows you to display super special pieces of clothing (just like the mannequin!).

Beauty must haves
If you're a makeup buff, too, having a space to display your collection is key. A crisp, clean white surface for your products will make you look like a pro! Tip: Clear furniture and mirrors are not only trendy, but they give the illusion of a bigger space! 

What's your fave part of your room? Share in the comments!

by Britnee Wright | 1/11/2018