This adorbs loft is all the inspo you need to cute up your space RN

Spring is here, which means that all the winter clutter in and around your space has g2g. Whether you plan on having a yard sale or you want to donate your things to a cause you care about, ditching your unnecessary stuff *and* sprucing up your space is a must this time of year.

Need some motivation? Look no further for The Funky Loft, an Airbnb-exclusive travel stop in Brooklyn. You can't expect your place to look Pinterest-worthy at the drop of a hat, but with a little peek into the vintage vibes, ecclectic decor and plant-filled corners of this airy loft, you'll definitely be on your way there.

The perfectly eccentric space was crafted from the mind of actress, entrepreneur and interior design enthusiast Marcella Lentz-Pope, who started hosting personally designed Airbnbs in Los Angeles before bringing this eye for interiors to Brooklyn and becoming uber successful.

Even if you aren't planning a trip to NYC any time soon, read on for *all* the #girlboss and room inspo you could ever want.

Girls' Life: What inspired you to start sharing your amaze space on Airbnb?
Marcella Lentz-Pope: 
I was just looking for a way to pay my rent while auditioning and pursuing acting and I never imagined it would turn in to what it is today. But that first year was a complete learning experience for me. With every guest, I would learn something new that would shape how I ran my business. 

GL: Where do you find inspo for the design of your Brooklyn loft? It’s so eclectic!
 I honestly first started falling in love with interior design through movies. The sets and homes would always stick in my mind and I remember being a kid thinking, "I want my apartment to look like that." 

I’ve been collecting vintage furniture and items ever since I was old enough to go to flea markets with my mom. But my taste was always very random and nothing really matched. I always just bought what I Iiked, whatever I thought was special and I would find a space for it later.  

My motto in design is, "If nothing goes together, then everything goes together."


GL: What can you do to spruce up your space when you're on a *super* tight budget?
ML: Paint and twinkle lights! Don’t underestimate the power of just changing the color of your room. Not only will it make your room look cleaner but it can also change your mood and give you a boost of energy. I painted my room four different colors from ages 10-17 and each color represented a phase in my life.

And string twinkle lights are super cheap and can do wonders with making a room feel special. Lighting in general can make all the difference.

GL: How did you pick the themes for the rooms you rent on airbnb?
I pretty much had one thing in each room that I knew I wanted to use and then just designed the rest based whatever that was. When people are traveling they want to experience something different than what they would back home, so why not get a little weird, a little kitschy and a little loud?


GL: What advice would you give to our readers who want to try their hand at entrepreneurship but don’t know where to start?
Start with your friends and family, they’ll be supportive while you’re learning. Ask them if they would hire you for different tasks and be a reference. Start an Instagram account, write a blog, open an Etsy shop, go to a local cafe and ask if they would sell some of your items on commission. Contact a business that you look up to and ask if they’re taking interns. Contact an Instagram account you follow and ask if you can work for trade.

There are so many options nowadays it just depends on you and how hard you’re willing to work. Just remember to know your worth.  If you don’t value yourself, nobody else will.

Get a tour of The Funky Loft from Marcella herself below. 

How will you spruce up your space this spring? Share your plans with us below!

Photo credit: The Funky Loft

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by Logan Potter | 4/26/2019