Room inspo from your *fave* childhood TV shows

Now that you've been spending more time in your room than ever, it's the perfect time to makeover your room *and* pull up those old Disney Channel shows to binge. The main characters in those shows had some of the cutest rooms that we definitely wanted when we were younger, so here's a roundup of the five shows with the best bedrooms to steal inspo from!

Wizards of Waverly Place

Major props to Alex from Wizards of Waverly Place for doing vintage before vintage was cool. The green and maroon palette isn't something you see too often, and if the antique-style furniture isn't for you, check out the colorful butterfly lights that Alex has hanging around her door. These pretty pastel lights or these wall butterflies can add a pop of color to any bedroom. 

Good Luck Charlie

It's safe to say that, growing up, we *all* wanted to have that amazing lofted platform Teddy has for her bed. While most of us probably don't have a platform like Teddy's or even enough room for one, you can still take inspo from the decorations around her room like the white paper chandelier she has above her mirror. Hanging mobiles aren't just for nurseries, and you can totally put one up in your room too. Here's one that looks similar to Teddy's, and if you can't hang things on your ceiling, try out wall hangings like this one

Dog with a Blog

Avery's room in this show has all the classic trademarks of a Disney tween's bedroom: bright colors, a fun rug, and a window seat that we all wished we had. Our favorite part of Avery's room? The curtains she has hanging around her desk. This is something you can easily do at home too. Grab some sheer curtains and pin them on the wall above your desk, your bed or a couch. You can drape the curtains around like Avery did or let them hang behind the furniture as a backdrop. Add some fairy lights and voila! You have a totally Insta-worthy corner of your room.

Girl Meets World

Riley's room rocks the purple and green theme that would usually be hard to pull off. She shows a ton of personality throughout her room with wall decals and photos, and the best part is the fun knobs she has on her drawers. Replacing your drawer knobs is a super easy way to spice up your room. You can pick new ones you think fit your room, or we're also loving these crystal drawer knobs that will add a classy, modern touch to any dresser or cabinet. 

Liv and Maddie

Your bed might not have a tunnel going under it like Maddie's does in this clip from the show, but you can still make your room just as cool with the light-up tree on Liv's side of the room. If you have enough space in your bedroom, go for a full-size tree to light up a corner or a reading nook. Otherwise, this mini light-up bonsai tree will look *amazing* on your desk or nightstand.

Now who's ready for a room makeover?

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by Erin Jeon | 8/1/2020