10 GIFs that perfectly describe the "messy, but clean" lifestyle

Some people assume that if you're a messy person, then you must be a dirty person as well. As an avid germaphobe and total clean freak (who also happens to be just a bit disorganized), I can tell you that this is *so* far from the truth. "Messy" and "dirty" are not the same thing at all. IMO, "messy" is disorganized; "dirty" is next level. "Messy" is books being scattered all over your desk; "dirty" is not washing dishes for days on end. 

Being messy doesn't automatically make you a slob—just like being neat doesn't automatically make you a clean person. While this concept can be hard to explain to others, my fellow "messy clean freaks" and I know the truth. Think this might be you, too? Here are 10 GIFs that *perfectly* describe that messy, but clean, lifestyle. 

1. Clutter doesn't bother you, but dirt, germs, crumbs and grossness do  

2. So your bedroom floor is *always* vacuumed, mopped or swept 

3. But somehow, there's always clutter all over the floor by the next day 

4. Your clothes are *always* washed and clean, they're just never folded or hung up  

5. You can't stand when someone doesn't wash their hands after they leave the bathroom, because you don't want that filth spread all over your space

6. You hate dirty sheets, so your sheets are washed regularly, but your bed is *never* made up     

7. You disinfect everything when someone is sick....but you never put the Lysol away afterward 

8. You don't like to eat food in your bedroom, but if you do, you immediately clean it up    

9. People just don't get how you're both messy *and* clean    

10. You envy your neat friends, but pride yourself on your cleanliness 

Do you rock the messy but clean lifestyle or are you all about being neat and tidy (and would your bedroom floor agree)? Let us know on social @girlslifemag!


by Katherine Brown | 10/13/2020