Terraniums = the next big trend in room decor

Plants have taken the room decor world by storm. Almost everyone's room has a little succulent or hanging plant stand. But, there is a new plant trend on the rise and it's terrariums! These little pots are filled with various plants and rocks that look like a mini garden. They add a great *earthy* vibe to your room and are super fun to take care of.

Before you buy your terrarium, there are a few things you should know first. There are two types of terrariums to pick from: open terrarium and closed terrarium. An open one means there is no top and a closed one has a top. We spoke with a professional gardener who explains that open terrariums typically include plants that prefer dryer conditions and lots of sunlight such as succulents. Whereas closed terrariums do not require a lot of sunlight and consist of plants that retain a lot of moisture such as moss. Think about your room and if your environment would be best for a closed or open terrarium. Once you've decided you are ready to pick out your terrarium! Check out these 5 places to buy one and spice up your room aesthetic. 

The Sill

This cactus terrarium is *perfect* for a beginner. You don't need to water it that often just make sure it gets plenty of sunlight and watch it grow! The Sill, $68.

Pottery Barn

This closed terrarium is perfect if you are going for a beachy vibe in your room. Since this one is small it is also super manageable and easy to water. Pottery Barn, $34.50.


A hanging terrarium is the *ultimate* way to add a calming trendy aesthetic to your room. This one requires water once a week and plenty of sunshine. Plants, $39.99.


This kit has the *cutest* succulents and pebbles for you to design your own special terrarium. These plants are pretty low maintenance but will definitely amp up your room decor. Etsy, $46.99


This kit is perfect if for an enchanting whimsical vibe in your room. Be sure to water it a little bit daily and place it somewhere it will get enough sun. Amazon, $24.95.

We'd love to see your terrariums, send us a pic @girlslifemag!


by Lily Baker | 12/12/2020