How to give your room the perfect springtime makeover

New, season, new room—welcome spring by decluttering *and* redecorating your bedroom! Bring in the fresh and floral vibes to make your space your springtime hideaway. These easy tips will help transform your room to welcome weather and good energy this spring!

Lighten up your color palette

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As the weather changes, the color palette in your room can change, too! It's time to break out your face creams and pastel shades for a fresh springtime feeling. This season we're loving sage, lilac and millennial pink!

Fairy garden, please!


there is not a single blank wall in my room and i love it

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Take advantage of the natural light and bring the outdoors in. Create the most enchanting fairy garden on around your room with golden butterflies, hanging vines and extra colorful decor. Add floral or butterfly curtains for an added touch. This cottage core inspired look will make your space ready for spring *and* summer!

Include *tons* of florals

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Spring is *all* about new growth and natural beauty, so embrace it by bringing the outside in with *everything* flower-related. Adding a few fresh flowers or succulents to your room will brighten up and keep you in good spirits. If you don't want to replace them every couple of weeks, try a faux floral arrangement from your local craft store!

DIY spring decor


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Take a self-care day to try out this *adorable* DIY wall decor project. It's festive and fun, making it the perfect way to welcome the spring season while giving your space a quick refresh. 

Spring cleanout + hobby nook

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Hello, spring cleaning! Tidy up your space *and* make way for an intentional season for your fave activities. Create a space to store all of your most-read books or go-to paintings, or turn it into a craft table! Better yet, display your record collection so you can dance the fabulous spring days away!

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by Allie Lijewski and Lexi Casazza | 3/24/2021