These TikTok decorating hacks will transform your bedroom

Image: Pinterest/Anewall Decor

It’s never a bad time to redecorate your bedroom, but doing a full-on room renovation can be expensive. Instead of buying new furniture, consider making small-scale, affordable touch-ups to your current decor that will make a big difference in your space. TikTok is full of stylish decorating hacks that will totally transform your bedroom—without emptying your piggy bank. Ready for a room refresh? Scroll on for all the *amaze* decorating hacks.

A custom LED sign


I wanted a custom neon sign in the background of my outfit videos ✨ #howto #diyhomedecor #decorideas #neonsign

♬ original sound - Veronika

Spied a dreamy LED sign on Pinterest, only to find out it was $100 or more? Now, you can make your own custom LED sign for less than $50. This hack from @whatverowears requires a stretch canvas, LED wires, and a hot glue gun. First, you trace what you want your sign to say on the canvas. Then, punch a few holes so you can weave your wire into the canvas in the shape of your tracing. Finally, secure everything with a hot glue gun, lower the lights and admire your new sign.

Celestial wall decor


Una idea súper linda y fácil de hacer ora decorar tu cuarto! 🌑 #roomdecor #decorideas #style

♬ Backyard Boy - Claire Rosinkranz

If you’re a total astronomy fan, this project is for you. TikTok user @sophiegiraldo shows a simple way to bring the sun, moon, and stars into your bedroom. With a pencil and something circular, make 15-20 circles on cardboard. Add arcs and lines to shape the circles like the phases of the moon, or even trace a star. Cut out your celestial shapes. Next, spray them with gold or silver paint. You can use a hole punch or a pencil to poke holes in the top of each shape. All that’s left is to string them up below some fairy lights. The result is truly out of this world.

Fancy gold leaf accents


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♬ Golden Ghost - The Young Ebenezers

Gold leaf is a must in any decorator’s arsenal. It’s a low-cost way to add glam and shine to anything—even actual trash, as the @craftylumberjacks demonstrate in the vid above. To start, buy or thrift some glass jars, bottles, and vases with raised lettering. Then, grab your gold leaf adhesive and brush it on the bottle before applying your sheets of gold leaf. Use a soft paintbrush to get rid of the excess, and a skewer or pencil to refine the edges. Voilà! Your basic glass decor has become ✨fabulous✨.

A faux-marble countertop


A quick office update! ✨ #drabtofab #upcyclingfurniture #quickupdate #marblecontactpaper #homediy #homebusiness #cheapdiyhacks #furnituremakeover

♬ Taste It - Ikson

Want an upscale marble counter without having to shell out for a pricey slab of stone? Contact paper is your new BFF. Available at stores like Walmart, marble contact paper is safe to stick on desks, counters, and any other surface for a sleek new look. Make sure to follow the instructions for your specific type of paper—while some can be applied with a heat gun or blow-dryer, others need to be pressed on like in @nightowlvinyl’s TikTok above.

An easy butterfly mobile


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♬ Backyard Boy - Claire Rosinkranz

You’ll want to enlist the help of your artsy friends for this decor hack. To create the paper butterflies, trace a design from Google images on tissue paper like user @just_me_lucyy. Use markers to color the wings any way you want. Then, secure your butterflies with safety pins and tie the pin to a length of string. Finish it all off by taping the ends of the strings wherever you want your butterflies to float.

The coolest clay mirror frame


Late to the trend but so easy & fun! 🍬 #fyp #diy #blobmirror #pinterest #danishpastel #squigglymirror #roomdecor

♬ lay it down - chillytunees

This wavy mirror frame exudes good vibes. Capture the magic for yourself by following @kimsterrrs tutorial to shape and bake your very own. First things first: buy soft polymer clay from a brand like FIMO in the colors of your choice. Knead the clay until you’ve achieved your desired swirl. Roll the clay into a thin tube shape between your palms, and bend it into a wave pattern. Follow the instructions on your clay box to bake the frame—typically, this takes 25-30 minutes. Once it’s cool, you can secure it to a small mirror with a hot glue gun.

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Title Image: Pinterest/Anewall Decor


by Bailey Bujnosek | 7/12/2021