Eat Right

4 ways to eat healthier at your Super Bowl party

Super Bowl parties are a total blast, but they're also loaded with major amounts of unhealthy foods. Don’t let Sunday’s festivities tackle your healthy-girl ways. Here are our secrets to eating better while the two best teams in the nation go head-to-head. 

1. Bring a yummy, good-for-ya dish along.
Since we all know you never show up to a party empty-handed (right?), score major points with your fellow party-goers by bringing the snack that is healthy and delish. Avoid the junk food, high-calorie dips, and fattening entrees with something everyone will love. Go for something more nutritious and tote along our veggie chili recipe! We promise—it’ll be a total touchdown.

2. Bypass the chips.
But even if you bring only the healthiest of snacks, it’s pretty much guaranteed that someone will show up with the standard bag of chips. Load up
your plate with all raw veggies instead. And, it can help to stay away from these diet-busters by sitting as far from the bowl as possible. Out of sight, out of mind, right?

3. Go for guac over dip.
Fans heart taco dip like crazy. If you need a spoonful of something fiesta-worthy, go for the guacamole instead. It’s loaded with nutrients and good fat to fill you up. Extra points if you use veggie sticks to dip it.

4. Think before you indulge.
It’s easy to get distracted (hey, you’re watching a game), but really try to think before you grab endless wings and brownies from the buffet table. Remember it’s OK to indulge, but mindless eating (when you’re not even hungry) isn’t a healthy approach.


by Bridget Runge | 2/1/2016