Eat Right

Calling all health nuts! It's time to give walnuts a shot

Toss those almonds aside and start noshing walnuts, girl. According to My Health News Daily at, walnuts boast the highest rate of antioxidants out of the entire nut family! Antioxidants are majorly important to keep the body healthy (they fight dangerous free radicals that could potentially hurt cells) and walnuts are loaded. Often overlooked, walnuts in fact have more antioxidants than vitamin E, which is already chock-full of the good stuff.

Antioxidants aren’t the only thing walnuts contain: They also stock protein, minerals and healthy fats. These necessities keep you healthy and can even help prevent cancer and other serious diseases, including heart disease.

Ways to work ’em in: At breakfast, top off your granola with a sprinkling of walnuts. For lunch, crumble and toss on a salad for an added punch. At snacktime, grab a handful and nosh away. Delish!
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by Annie Bancroft | 2/1/2016