Eat Right

How can I get over my junk food cravings?

“Junk food is soo tempting.  How can I eat healthier foods while still satisfying my taste buds?”

Does this sound like a thought that has crossed your mind a ga-zillion times? Don’t worry—junk food plagues nearly everyone. Here’s how to surpass those cravings. 
While the summer quickly approaches, there is more and more pressure to eat healthier and workout more frequently. While endorphins make you happy and non-processed foods give you more energy, girls often have a hard time noshing their 5-a-day fruits and veggies. Perhaps taste has something to do with it?
Studies show that enjoying the taste of a particular food is a learned behavior and can adapt over time. While you may not celebrate broccoli at first, the more you eat it, the more your taste buds are trained to enjoy it. 
When exploring healthier food options, the best way to develop likings for foods is to give it a try. How many times have we all pulled the ever-so-popular, “Oh, I can’t eat that. I’m...allergic.” Don’t be afraid! Start researching new recipes that have wholesome lean meats and/or veggies as the main ingredient. Even if you’re taking babysteps: (broccoli with cheese, anyone?) You’re still on the right path. Figure out what you like and combine interesting flavors. Try a squeeze of lemon or lime in some seltzer water instead of downing soda. Hate salads? Try adding sliced apples and berries and a sprinkling of nuts. Whip up an Asian stirfry with a yummy soy sauce dressing for dinner. And for dessert, skip the ice cream and create a delish berry smoothie. Check out GL’s own healthy recipes for more ideas here:

The next step: learn to focus on the food you’re eating. Don’t eat while doing homework or sitting in front of the tube. You’ll teach yourself to enjoy healthy foods more effectively by conversing around the table with your fam or even sitting by yourself and actually experiencing each bite. 

Start taking care of your body by eating right and giving yourself a chance to indulge in great (healthy) food. Remember, every once in awhile, a slice of pizza is just fine!


by Elizabeth Piper and Jessica D’Argenio | 2/1/2016