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Why you should say "yes" to dinner with the fam

The family who eats together stays healthier together? That’s what a new study’s findings might be saying. CNN posted an article featuring a study published in the journal Pediatrics about how kids and teens who eat meals with their families at least three times a week are less likely to be overweight, develop an eating disorder and are more likely to eat healthier.
When you and your fam are on the go 24/7 between sports’ practices, school and your parents’ work schedules, it is hard to squeeze in a half hour for family meal time. Too often do we opt for fast food in between school and softball practice or reach for processed, microwaveable meals rather than taking the time to steam fresh veggies or cook up some baked chicken.
The study examined 17 previous studies, and researchers found in one study that one thing kids requested was for their parents to serve them healthier food options. 
If you don’t eat dinner as a family regularly seize the summer months with school being out as the time to start getting in a regular routine of eating with your fam. Sunday night dinners are a great time to start.
Do you want your parents to start stock up the fridge with healthier food options?  Invite yourself along next time they head to grocery store and offer suggestions on healthy foods and snacks you would like to eat. You can also ask mom or dad to teach you how to cook up some of your fave healthy dishes or try out a new recipe together!
We want to hear from you! What do you think of the study results? Does your fam eat together and what are some of your favorite healthy dishes?

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by Danielle Devery | 2/1/2016