Eat Right

Exactly what to eat to boost your grades

You know you should eat healthy for strength and energy, but did you know that some foods can actually help improve your memory? The next time you’re studying hard for a test, try switching up your usual snacks and eat your way to an A-plus!

Berries and apples are great, tasty fruits that you should munch on when it’s crunch time. Go for blueberries and red apples—these powerhouses pack in the antioxidants. Add some to your breakfast to keep your brain pumped all day long. Blueberries are yummy in cereal or yogurt, and you can’t beat apples and oatmeal together.

Nuts like cashews and almonds are the best study buddies: Bring them as a snack to study hall to help you actually remember what you read. Dried fruits like raisins and apricots are also great ways to get your body the fiber it needs to be in its best shape.

The more you learn, the more room your head needs to remember everything. It does this with Omega-3 fatty acids (that’s right, some fats are good for you), so make sure you get yours in foods like salmon and tuna. You can also get Omega-3s in eggs, so wake up extra early on the morning of your test and whip up an omelet for breakfast. 

Soda is never good for you, and when you’re itching to memorize for a test, all that sugar can cloud up your mind. Instead, sip on water and milk so you can be hydrated in the right way. Milk is great for your bones, but it also helps you feel alert and concentrated. Soy also does this for your brain, so soymilk and other products work great for all you vegan and lactose-intolerant girls out there. 

If you’re struggling to remember all those dates in history or your Spanish vocab words, nosh on these foods for a memory boost. But food alone won’t ace your test, so study hard, girlies, and good luck! 

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by Rachel Nugent | 2/1/2016