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8 top-notch picks to add to your school lunch

There you are: It’s 7 a.m. and you’re shuffling around the kitchen, trying to decide what to pack for lunch. For healthy eats that won’t have ya dropping off halfway through geometry class, give these picks a shot…

#1 Water

‘Cause chances are, you aren’t drinking enough. Staying hydrated is essential to keep your body moving and grooving. From glowing skin to fueling ya from dawn to dusk, H2O affects pretty much everything, inside and out. Drink up!

#2 Full-fat cheese sticks

It’s time to toss the string cheese (er, does that really even count?) and reduced fat imposters, ‘cause the full fat variety is where it’s at. Trust us on this one—it actually tastes like cheese, making one little stick far more satisfying (and healthier, at the end of the day), than a calorie- and fat-cutting option.

#3 Sandwiches made on whole grain bread

If you can see the nutty, seedy, grainy goodness, full steam ahead on the bread!

#4 Homemade peanut butter crackers

Sure, the pre-packaged ones are easy to grab when you’re on the go, but it really only takes two minutes to make your own…and then you can pick all the ingredients yourself. Opting for all-natural peanut butter (or another nut or seed butter) and a whole grain cracker ups the health factor.

#5 Greek yogurt

Have you walked down the refrigerated aisle and seen all the yogurt options out there these days? You can get practically any flavor you want! Fruity Greek yogurt options give ya a good dose of sweet with a huge protein punch…plus lots of good bacteria for your bod.

#6 Popcorn

No, we don’t mean caramel-covered or the cheesy stuff, sigh. Try popping your own kernels in a heavy-bottomed pot at home. All you need is a little bit of oil. Follow package instructions, and you’ll have the best popcorn you’ve ever tasted. Trust us, you’ll want to tote it everywhere. Bonus? Lots of fiber in the mix.

#7 Mixed nuts

Nix the salt, and you’ve got a snack or supplement that kicks nutritional booty. Whether you opt for peanuts, walnuts, almonds, cashews or another favorite, nuts are packed with healthy fats and all sorts of brain-boosting properties. Nom!

#8 Dessert

Choose something you really like, and make it homemade so you can avoid preservatives and all sorts of yucky chemicals companies add to processed food to make them last longer and taste…real. Two chocolate chippers will be way more satisfying than that 100 Calorie Pack!

What do you look forward to the most in your lunch? Tell us in the comments!

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by Brittany Taylor | 2/1/2016
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