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On-the-go breakfast options (perf for your busy schedule)


When you’re up all night studying and have to rise and shine early for that 8:00 a.m. exam, it’s easy to forget to eat. But let us remind you, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, ladies! If you feel like there's no time -- here's some of our fave on-the-go breakfasts for any gal on a busy schedule. 

  • 1_strawberry.jpg

    Peanut butter, strawberry and banana quesadilla 

    This delicious treat combines all our fave snacks in one. It’s super easy to make and is also super portable so you can be using one hand to eat and the other to go through your flashcards!

    Grab the recipe here  

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  • 2_eggmuffin.jpg

    Egg muffins 

    These muffins put a fun spin on eggs and toast. Just add in cheese, bacon, and veggies to make this unique muffin a new breakfast fave. Find the recipe here and bake a batch the night before! 

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  • 3_yogurt.jpg

    Yogurt on a stick

    Say good-bye to spooning yogurt from a cup and say hello to yogurt on a stick. Yep, you heard it right -- yogurt on a stick! Check out the conveniant and yummy recipe here.

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  • 4_cerealbars.jpg

    Cereal bars

    No one has time to sit down and eat a bowl of cereal anymore, now you can snack on your fave cereals while running out the door. This no-bake recipe is super simple and will make your mornings a breeze.

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  • 5_frenchtoast.jpg

    French toast roll ups

    French toast is usually saved for lazy Saturday mornings, but now you can have them on the way to school. Follow the recipe here and add in all your fave flavors to have the most sought-after breakfast on-the-go!

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by Caitlin Moynihan | 2/1/2016