Eat Right

How to make the grain bowl of your cuisine dreams


Everybody loves a burrito bowl–and honestly, what's not to love? Meat (or meat alternative), veggies, carbs,'s like a whole food pyramid in one delicious dish. The bad news? It recently came out in the news that a Chipotle bowl has more calories than a Big Mac. Ouch. 


But all hope isn't lost. Cutting calories is as easy as 1-2-3 with this incredible guide to a healthy bowl!

1. Grab a grain.

It's all about that base. If you're strictly a rice girl, that's fine. But you should know that there is a whole world of other amazingly good (and good for you) grains out there, all with different tastes and textures. Head into Whole Foods and look for quinoa, wheat berries, barley, or farro for a more diverse dinner.

2. Pick a protein.


Sesame salmon? Braised beef? Tarragon tofu? The possibilities are endless. Check your leftovers to see what would work or whip up your own Chipotle-esque chicken–just make sure you've got something good.

3. Vary your veggies.


 Veggies are the key to taking your bowl to the next level. Texture is key, so pair crunchy steamed veggies with softer grains or try some spinach with a more substantial base. The more veggies the better, so throw whatever good greens you can into that bowl for maximum nutritious value.

4. Top it all off

Okay, there is a fourth step...but it's super fun. Top your bowl with whatever gets your mouth watering...curry sauce, bacon bits, wasabi, hardboiled eggs, etc. The possibilities are endless!


Image source: New York Times.  

What do ya think, grainy girls? Are you willing to try it out? What would you put in your bowl? Let us know below!  


by Kimberly Uslin | 2/1/2016