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7 hilarious signs you have a serious avocado addiction

Confession time: We're totally obsessed with avocados. We love guac, avo toast, sushi with avo...we could go on and on, to be honest. If you're like us, you totally get it. Some might say we have a little bit of a problem, but don't listen to the haters, girl—it's called having *taste.* Here are seven funny signs that you didn't choose the avocado life, the avocado life chose y-o-u. 

1. There is no better feeling than when your avocado is perfectly ripe and slides right out of its shell. Ahhh.


2. You're known to be a little...possessive when the waiter brings chips and guac to your table.


3. When you get together with your friends, there's really only one thing on your mind.


4. When you finally get your burrito (guac is extra? LOL, amateurs), you have to control yourself. 


5. But somehow, you're still done before everyone else. You just can't resist, okay?


6. And when Chipotle released their guac recipe? Your avocado love got taken to a new level.


7. Long live the avocado.

Are you a total avocado addict? We feel ya. Tell us about it in the comments below.

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by Courtney Pons | 12/18/2018