Eat Right

I gave up's how I'm surviving Halloween


Yup, you read that right: No. More. Candy. About a year ago, I set out on a quest to be healthier and more fit. I pored over healthy recipes and started working out. But my daily candy habit was standing in the way of feeling completely and totally healthy. I decided to give it up...just like that.

The truth is, a year later, I still crave candy from time-to-time. Halloween is hard, of course: the sweet stuff is everywhere. But I know I feel better if I simply stay away. Here’s how I’m surviving…

Plan Something Fun
It’s really hard watching my friends eat candy in front of me, so I planned an apple picking adventure that would appease my sweet tooth. We picked tons of apples and then took them back to my house where we baked them with cinnamon. It wasn’t candy, but they were *so* good. What’s better than a fall afternoon spent with friends?

Sip that Chocolate
It’s not just for little kids. There are all kinds of creative chocolate milkx out there (from caramel versions to salted varieties), and they’re all loaded with calcium. Maybe it’s cheating a little bit, but it satisfies my sweet tooth without being super sugary. 

Get Frozen
Frozen grapes are also a healthy alternative to candy. Just put some grapes in a container in the freezer and eat them when you’re craving something dessert-like. You can also roll blueberries in Greek yogurt, place them on a tray that’s lined with wax paper and freeze those, too.

Hey, Honey
Tea has tons of health benefits, and you can sip it a few times a day. Adding a little honey ups the sweetness, without taking it into the territory of a full-on sugary snack. Not sure what to sip? HERE are some of GL’s favorite types of tea to check out.

I’ve definitely had weak moments where I caved and dug into some candy. And I’m not one to say no when a piece of dark chocolate is calling my name (just one!). Overall, giving up candy has made me feel healthier and more fit. I’m a better me and I love it!

Have you ever tried to quit an unhealthy habit? Tell us about it below!


by Christina Mattera | 2/1/2016