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Delish and non-dairy alternatives to milk

Non-dairy milks are all the rage these days. Some people drink them because they prefer the taste over dairy milk, some have a milk allergy and some are intolerant to dairy. These are all very different things. For example, people who are lactose intolerant have trouble properly digesting lactose—a type of sugar found in milk and other dairy. This means you experience some not-so great side effects and feel sick after consuming dairy. A milk allergy is similar to any other allergy and comes with allergy-like symptoms. So whether you have a medical issue or you just want to go non-dairy, here are 5 alternatives to consider.

Soy milk

This stuff is absolutely great for making shakes and smoothies. And it by far has the highest amount of protein out of all of these alternatives, which means better hair, skin and nails. For a sweet treat, whip up some soy milk with berries and ice cream, and voila! You’ve got yourself a delicious (non-dairy) milkshake to end your day with.

Almond milk

When it comes to texture, almond milk and normal milk feel just the same. However, almond milk is more beige in color and literally tastes like almonds (but what you would expect, right?). A plus to drinking more of this nutty stuff is that it contains more calcium and Vitamin E than regular milk. There’s also a variety of flavors ranging from vanilla to dark chocolate, and it's a great alternative in cereal. Sounds yummy!

Coconut milk

Some pros of this sweeter alternative are that it helps build muscle, prevent fatigue and improve digestion. Because it’s high in calories, it’s better to have smaller servings. If you prefer not to drink it (and you have a sweet tooth), try baking coconut milk cupcakes. They’ll taste and look even better than normal cupcakes—and you’re getting all of those health benefits at the same time.

Rice milk

This substitute is usually unsweetened, but you can always go out for flavors like vanilla, chocolate and almond. It’s a great energizing drink to get in before that workout, too, and tastes great in creamy soups—perf timing for fall and winter bisques and chowders.

Lactose-free milk

If you’re not that adventurous when it comes to your diet, stick with this alternative. It’s tastes the same as the milk you're used to, it just lacks lactose. It’s filled with vitamins and nutrients that will keep you healthy and strong on the go, so it's a great bev to have with breakfast. You’ll feel great and be ready to conquer the day. 

Do you do dairy? Which one of these milk alternatives is your fave? Sound off below.  


by Yasmeena Fakhouri | 9/27/2016