Eat Right

Easy ways to stay healthy during Halloween season


As much as we all love eating handfuls of mini Snickers and candy corn, it's important to find a healthy balance between sweets and spinach this Halloween season. Which can be a *huge* challenge, especially when you walk down that one aisle at Target (you know the one we're talking about!). Here are our top tips on enjoying your favorite tasty treats while staying healthy and strong all October long.

Pace yourself.

There’s no need to splurge on all of the chocolate in just the second week of October because then you’ll be tempted to eat, eat, eat. Buy a little bit at a time and enjoy it as you go, savoring each bite. It'll taste better and your bod will thank you.

Practice portion control.

We’re not saying never eat Halloween candy...just do it in moderation. Instead of laying in front of the TV munching on all of the treats you collected at once, take a piece of candy and then find a way to distract yourself from grabbing anymore. You’ll be eating smart and giving your body some sweetness at the same time.

Stay active.

This rule applies all year, obviously. Whether it's going for a morning run or doing yoga, your body will love it when you get on a workout schedule. You’ll feel better about yourself and so will your body.

Find healthier alternatives to candy.

Candy and chocolate are baewe know. But try replacing some of your cravings with healthier food choices every so often. Instead of eating chocolate or Halloween cookies while working on your homework, try an apple with peanut butter or pumpkin yogurt with granola. Save the treats for special occasions like your best friend's annual costume party. 

Recover from a sugar coma. 

Eating so many Sour Patch Kids that you get a stomachache is never a great feeling, but it happens to all of us. Smoothies and tea are great to help relieve pain and boost your energy. The minerals in the fruits and tea bags will detox and cleanse your bod so you’ll feel good as new.

How do you stay healthy around Halloween while still indulging in your cravings? Let us know in the comments!


by Yasmeena Fakhouri | 10/12/2016