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We are *obsessed* with this adorable veggie skeleton

With Halloween just over a week away, we can practically taste the sweetness of our favorite spooky treats. But for a balanced diet, you'll need to even out all that sugar with the rest of the goods on the food pyramid. You're probably thinking: 'There's definitely not a healthy snack that will put me in the Halloween like candy can.' Of course there is! And we are absolutely dying (no pun intended) to share this veggie skeleton with you.

What you’ll need:

Baby carrots
Bell pepper
Cauliflower florets
Broccoli florets
Snap peas
Cherry tomatoes
A small bowl for dip
A cute halloween platter
Cup of Greek yogurt ranch dip


1. Thoroughly wash all the vegetables under cold water.

2. Line top half of small bowl with lettuce (for the skeleton’s hair) before filling it with Greek yogurt ranch dip. Add your dip to the bowl, then place two olives on top for the eyes. Set bowl at the center top of your platter as the skeleton’s head.

3. Cut your veggies into necessary shape: 8 bell pepper strips, 9 slices of cucumber, 12 mushroom slices, 4 sticks of celery.

4. On the platter arrange vegetables into a skeleton shape—just follow the picture! Start by overlapping cucumber slices in a horizontal line from the center of the bowl as the skeleton’s spine and build out from there. When you're done, you'll have an adorable skeleton veggie tray that's perfect to snack on or for your next Halloween party.

The best thing about this super simple and cute recipe is that you can use whatever vegetables you would like. Switch out cucumber for slices zucchini or lettuce for cabbage—it's up to you. Happy healthy Halloween!

What’s your fave Halloween snack? Healthy *or* unhealthy. Let us know in the comments below.

Photo credit: Fit Happens

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by Maddie Smith | 10/21/2016