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How to do #TacoTuesday the healthier way


Now that Monday is over, bring on the tacos. Taco Tuesday allows us to relax and rejoice by munching on a popular Mexican classic. Undeniably, these meat and cheese-filled cradles of joy are absolutely delicious; however, they can also be pretty unhealthy if you aren't careful. We’ve rounded up some healthy alternatives to your traditional taco so you can still celebrate with your girls each week while maintaining your healthy bod.

See ya, beef 
Swap out beef as your traditional taco meat and opt for something a little lighter such as chicken or turkey. Eliminating red meat from your diet will keep you lean and feeling clean. Chopping or shredding the chicken or turkey will make it easy to stuff into the shell. If you’re feeling really fancy, try boiling or grilling shrimp. Don’t forget the seasoning.

No cheese, please
Instead of snagging a big bag of cheddar from the grocery aisle, go for a light chipotle sauce. This recipe is spicy in the best way possible and made with nonfat Greek yogurt for a healthy creamy flavor. Also, it’s super simple with only 2 ingredients. How much easier can it get? If you *can’t even* without cheese or sour cream, we totally understand. Look for a block of organic low-fat or nonfat cheese of your choice.

Fresh is best
It may be easy to grab a jar or two of salsa from the shelf, but taking a little extra time to make your own delish salsa is so worth it. This recipe is super clean and doesn’t include a load of added preservatives and unnecessary ingredients like sugar. With fresh tomato lime, and cilantro, you’re sure to find this salsa to *die* for. Bonus points if you use organic ingredients. You can also add black or pinto beans, slices of avocado and colorful bell peppers for mega flavor. 

Wrap it up
Look for whole grain taco shells or tortillas in the grocery store. Going for a whole grain shell or tortilla is so much healthier than regular taco shells stripped of their nutritional value. According to Dr. Mary Gavin, whole grains are still packed with protein and fiber for an added benefit. It’s hard to even notice the difference in taste! If you’re feeling really brave, forget taco shells or tortillas. Wrap your fillings in fresh green iceberg lettuce leaves. They’re super colorful and pretty enough for an Insta pic.

What’s your favorite side dish for #TacoTuesday? Let us know in the comments!

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by Jacqueline Burnett | 1/31/2017