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What a health food blogger *really* eats in a day

Have you ever been curious about your fave food accounts on Insta? You know, the ones with the perfectly arranged Buddha bowls and endless photos of dreamy smoothies. We want to know what they eat when the camera isn't on them...or, well, on their plates. So we decided to do some research.

Meet Annelina Waller, the girl behind @food_without_regrets. The vegan blogger shared with us an *entire* day of eats, from the time she wakes up to the time she goes to bed. She describes her style as "simple food, plant-based and raw. Oh and colorful rainbow food."

Peep her daily noms below... 

2 tsp psyllium husks soaked in water and juice of one lemon followed by a glass of water.

"I need to have at least one raw meal a day which is usually my breakfast whether I have a smoothie, plain fruit or a bowl of zoats." Snag the recipe for Annelina's zoats HEREshe loves to top hers with banana, berries, coconut shreds or cacao nibs. And, when she's feeling a little lazy, she notes, "I also love to use frozen berries and soak my oats in those with a bit of water plus dates."


Raw carrot sticks. 

"My lunch is *always* a huge bowl of salad with different toppings like chickpeas, kidney beans, seeds, avocado and sprouts. And for dressing, I love to sprinkle some hot sauce, date syrup, apple vinegar or lemon juice, tamari sauce and nutritional yeast on top."


Dried apricot or pineapple, fresh fruits and berries, Brazil nuts and sometimes her own fava bean brownies. And because she works out in the afternoons, Annelina typically also has a post-sweat sesh snack of more raw carrots and a protein shake. 

Another salad bowl (with veggies, tofu and her favorite oven-roasted potatoes) or a Buddha bowl served with a simple and healthy homemade mayonnaise

Evening snack
"After dinner I feel like something sweet and normally have 2 corn crackers with salty and crunchy peanut butter plus almond syrup."

Annelina's last words of advice for eating healthy? "Life happens and you will have days when everything goes great and then days when nothing seems to go like you want it to. Having a good routine and habits definitely helps us to keep on track."

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by Amanda Tarlton | 3/28/2017