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A gluten-free guide to eating at your fave restaurants


Being gluten-free isn't a super easy lifestyle. After all, it means a life without bread, pasta or other grains (yikes!). But if you're allergic to gluten or are just trying to cut down on grains, you can still eat at some of your go-to restaurants. It's just all about knowing what exactly to order on the menu.

To help you through it, we've created the ultmiate guide for the gluten-free girl to help navigate the food scene without missing out on a single BFF brunch or late night fast food run. 


1. Chick-fil-a
Chick-fil-a promises that being gluten-free won't stop you from eating "mor chikin." With their special GF menu, you can order grilled un-breaded nuggets, the chargrilled chicken filet and a number of tasty salads including a Cobb with grilled chicken and an Asian salad without the wonton strips. Those infamous waffle fries are also cooked seperately in canola oil so those are a definite must.


2. Pei Wei 
The Asian-inspired resturaunt has a variety of options for our gluten-sensitive girls. You can get spicy shrimp or chicken as well as sweet & sour versions of the two proteins. Also on the menu are traditional edamame and the Asian chopped salad. 


3.  Olive Garden
Skip the endless breadsticks and head straight for the bottomless soup and salad. Olive Garden's gluten-free menu includes the zuppa toscana and rotini with marinara, meat sauce or parmesean pesto. And for your protein they serve a GF herb-salmon dish as well as a Tuscan sirloin (our mouths are watering already).


4.  Wendy's
Who knew Wendy's had so many gluten-free options! Try any of their salads without the chicken, any of their numerous baked potato recipes, their specialty chilli recipe or even a signature Frosty. 


5. California Pizza Kitchen 
CPK has several options without gluten including salads like Waldorf chicken and petite wedge. They also offer a cedar plank salmon and have special pizza menu featuring pepperoni, margherita, BBQ chicken and mushroom pepperoni sausage pizzas made with gluten-free crust and other GF-friendly ingredients. 

How do you balance a gluten-free lifestyle? Spill your secret below!  

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by Karlyn Sykes | 6/24/2017