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5 *scary* ways Halloween candy affects your bod

OK we get it, Halloween is one of the only holidays you can indulge in sweet treats with no guilt. But before you go ham on your goody bag, there’s some things you should know. The sweets are sweet because of sugar (obvi) and that sugar overload you’re about to get is doing some crazy stuff to your insides.

It’s not actually filling you up.
You know how when you eat one, you need to have another? Yea, we’ve all been there. That’s because the sugar we’re eating is actually blocking that signal in our heads that makes us eat to stop. Makes total sense because even after you’ve gorged yourself on a whole bag of candy, you’re left with the same hungry feeling.

You’ll crash.
Some of the treats that you’re eating are seriously packed with sugar, giving your body an overload of glucose. This overload will give you a ton of energy and then you’ll be super tired. Ever have a sugar crash? This is why.

It’s stressing you out.
Just like caffeine, sugar can actually make your stress worse. Even though sometimes chocolate seems like the only thing that’ll ease the stress, it’s actually doing the complete opposite. When you get that spike of sugar, a bunch of hormones like adrenaline get released which leads to you feeling more stressed than relaxed.

The cravings after will be intense.
Because sugar messes with our brain’s ability to tell us to stop, it’s going to continue making you think you need to eat. When you continue to trigger the taste receptors on your tongue, it causes them to overwork and you’ll lose your control to stop.

Your skin won’t be happy with you.
Sugar will stick to proteins and create a nasty molecule that eats away at the good stuff that makes our skin perky and nice. As young women, we rely on collagen and elastin to keep our skin looking plump and youthful.

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by Bella Torres | 10/18/2017