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Is raw cookie dough safe to eat?

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Christmastime means one thing to baking babes: Christmas cookies galore. Even if you aren't a chef-in-training, chances are you probably like to hang around the kitchen when other people are cooking so you can, you know, be a "taste-tester." And while the finished product is delicious, we all know that what's even *more* delicious is the cookie dough. But is it actually safe to eat? We investigate the common Q below.

Because of the raw egg (which can cause salmonella) and the raw flour (which, according to the FDA, can have traces of the bacteria E.coli, yuck), indulging in raw cookie dough is a risky move. Sure, you might be okay but you could also get seriously sick. And is one little nibble really worth missing out on all your holiday festivities? The good news is that most of the danger of foodborne illness is eliminated once you actually, well, cook the cookies.

If you *really* can't step away from that sugary goodness, fear not. There are plenty of ways to dig into dough that are safe. You can either make your own (try this recipe!) or find edible cookie dough at the grocery store (we heart The Cookie Dough Cafe's version).

Or, just be patient and wait for the timer to go off. Because those warm, gooey cookies straight from the oven are *so* worth the wait. 

Do you like eating cookie dough? Confess below! 

Photo credit: Nourished By Nutrition.


by Amanda Tarlton | 12/4/2017