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10 foods you didn't know were gluten-free

Gluten is the term for proteins found in wheat, rye, barley and triticale. It acts as a glue to help hold the foods' shape, according to the Celiac Disease Foundation. Many people choose a gluten-free diet due to autoimmune diseases, sensitivity to gluten, allergies or to lose weight. Whatever the reason may be, it can be challenging trying to remember what foods you can and can't have. That's why we've rounded up a list of 10 foods that are surprisingly gluten-free.

1. Rice
Rice is natually gluten-free, so if they have not been processed you are good! Fun-fact: most gluten mimics, such as gluten-free bread, are made out of rice.

2. Ben & Jerry's ice cream
They offer a variety of flavors that are gluten-free, but not all of them are! Be sure to check the labels to find out which flavors are safe to try.

3. Cheese
Gluten does not mean lactose-intolerant! Eat all the unprocessed cheese you want. If they have been processed, check the label.

4. Oatmeal
Oatmeal is also naturally-gluten free, but be sure to watch what foods are added to your oatmeal as they may contain gluten.

5. Seeds
Whether its chai seeds, flax seeds, sunflower seeds or any type of seed, they're naturally gluten-free. You can eat it with yogurt and granola (both gluten-free).

6. Fries
Who doesn't love a bag of crunchy and greasy fries! Don't worry, because they're made out of potatoes they too are natually gluten-free. Unless deep fried in a gluten kind of batter, pig out!

7. Meat and Seafood
Yes, you do not have to give up and meat or seafood for this gluten-free lifestyle. Most common meats and fish are safe to eat as they contain no gluten.

8. Fruits
Fruits, veggies, legumes and all manner of unprocessed proteins are good to eat. So if you ever decide to cut out meat or dairy from your diet, plant-based foods are a safe choice. 

9. Yogurt
Brands like Chobani and Yoplait offer gluten-free options so you'll never miss out on your favorite parfaits!

10. Granola
Granola is natually gluten-free since it comes from oats. But as with oats, be sure to check what's been added since they may contain gluten.

Food packaging now includes labels indicating whether or not it's gluten-free, so always check the labels when it comes to processed foods!

What's your favorite gluten-free meal. Let us know in the comments!

Photo credit: Pixabay and Pinterest


by Toyin Akinwande | 4/17/2018