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5 plant-based breakfast ideas to start your day right

Plant-based eating has become super popular in recent years, as more vegan products have made their way to the market. Platforms like TikTok are making the diet more ubiquitous as well. Creators like @thekoreanvegan have popularized plant-based products such as JustEgg, an egg substitute that cooks just like beat eggs, but is made of mung bean. She also creates incredibly creative concoctions that will trick your taste buds, like this grilled "cheese."


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People tend to shy away from plant-based eating, assuming that incorporating more plants in your diet is too difficult, and won't get you enough protein. Don't fret though, we have *all* the tips to make plant-based eating easy, fun, and delicious. Here are 5 delicious vegan breakfasts that can be made with items in your fridge, and will leave you feeling good to begin your day.

1. Savory Southwest tofu scramble

Tofu scramble is a legendary substitute for scrambled eggs and can be complemented with all of your favorite omelet toppings. Tofu is pretty flavorless, so you know a recipe is good when lots of different fragrant spices are incorporated. This recipe uses cumin, garlic powder, and chili powder to achieve that mouth-watering spiced flavor. The tofu provides a *lot* of protein, which is bound to keep you energized all day. It also includes kale for some greens, potatoes for a serving of carbs, and even more vegetables to add to the flavor. Try out this plant-based scramble and open a door of endless vegan possibilities. 

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2. Nice cream

The best vegan ice cream substitute is nice cream, aptly named for its contents of only fruit, making this sweet dish edible for breakfast. @veganlovinglife on Instagram is the nice cream queen: she creates elaborate and gorgeous bowls that she tops with her favorite fruits, granola, cookies, and more, proving just how fun plant-based eating can be. Check out this delicious fruity nice cream recipe on her page, and top it with whatever your heart desires.

3. Avocado toast

Who can go wrong with a perfect slice of avo toast for breakfast? No one, that's who. Avocado toast is easy, filling, and nutritious when made right. A toast Is really the perfect canvas for a plant-based breakfast because you can put *anything* on top of a simple avocado spread and it'll taste good. A favorite combination of mine is putting some fried JustEgg as well as some kimchi, which is a Korean fermented cabbage (absolutely delicious with a super sour and tangy flavor). Check out this list that provides a bunch of inspiration for vegetable avocado toasts. See what you have in your fridge, play around, and build something great! 

4. Overnight oats

Perfect for the summer months, this refreshing meal can be prepped the night before, making your mornings a lot easier. If you want to explore plant-based eating more, you should consider investing in some vegan protein powder of your choice. Adding it to your oats or smoothies significantly elevates the protein level and makes your meal a lot more nutritious. Attached is my absolute favorite overnight oats recipe, which involves simply mixing together ingredients and waiting for the oats to soften. In the morning, I top this gooey goodness with raspberries, banana, goji berries, and almond butter!

Photo: Eating Bird Food

5. Banana pancakes

If you've got a sweet tooth, these vegan banana pancakes are about to satisfy your every craving. Between the richness of the ripe bananas and the fluffiness of the cooked pancake, this is the type of breakfast that will throw you when you remember it's plant-based. Make these with your besties after a sleepover or with your siblings on chill weekend mornings, and top the pancakes with anything you want! Try these out, and feel their warmth with your first bite.

Photo: Nora Cooks

Are you going to try out these plant-based breakfast ideas? Let us know how you like them on Twitter @girlslifemag!

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by Ari Sheinberg | 8/4/2021