12 signs you're super happy with your life right now

A lot of the time, we feel down in the dumps, blue, sad, wishing we could change our lives but not knowing exactly what we want to change to make things better. But other times—well, other times, we’re plain old pleased just to be going about our days. Here are 12 signs that you’re happy with how things are going right now. And you know what they say: If it ain’t broke…

You wake up ready to tackle the day

You don’t dread going to school

You have ideas about what you want to do next—and you’re excited about them

You walk around smiling

You sleep well

You have a good appetite

You’re known among your friends for being the cheerful one

You sign up to volunteer because you want to make other people’s lives better, too

You try to avoid drama

You say “I love you”—and hug your loved ones—lots. And you mean it every time.

You laugh…a lot.

When new things come your way, you might be a little nervous, but you don’t freak out.

Are you happy with life right now? Tell us why in the comments!


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by Brittany Taylor | 2/1/2016
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