Brown bag it: Healthy (and yummy) school lunches


When you think about healthy lunches the first thing that comes to mind is: 1. they take forever to make and 2. they are boring and repetitive. The good news is healthy lunches don’t actually take forever and they can be just as yummy as a school lunch (but better!). Check out these super fun and tasty lunches that will mix your brown bag boredom all week long:


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    Polka dot sandwich by kraftrecipes

    Put a unique twist on the typical PB&J with this fun looking sandwich. Cover your bread with a spread of your choosing, peanut butter, jelly, or even strawberry cream cheese. Top it with banana slices and raisins for extra flavor.

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    Homemade hoagie by bonappetit

    Avoid the sandwich line and avoid the extra cals by making your own sub at home. Pile up that provolone cheese, salami, turkey, tomatoes, and lettuce on a hoagie roll. Add some olive oil and oregano for an extra touch of gourmet.Yum!

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    Shake-it-up salad by kraftrecipes

    Salad might seem hard to make to-go, but its perfect to bring to school in Tupperware bowls with a plastic fork! Just throw that dressing on the side and shake it up before eating so your greens aren't mushy before eating.

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    The healthy lunchable by momables

    Your fave throwback kid meal just got healthier. Get the same delicious taste with double the nutrition in this homemade version of the pizza Lunchable. Use sandwich thins as your crust, and top with marinara sauce and some shredded cheese. Add sliced meat as a topping and fruit on the side. 

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    If you are takepart

    If you forgot lunch at home, or just don’t feel like making something, there are still plenty of healthy options to buy at your school caf. We know how tempting those potato chips can be but think about how much better you'd feel if you were eating a healthy meal like this.

    If you have to buy here's some helpful tips to go by:

    • Beat the white bread and go for whole grain
    • Add some veggies into the mix
    • Watch your portions


by Cheyenne Dermody | 2/1/2016