5 best foods for gorgeous hair


We all want what we don’t have. Curly haired gals long for straight hair, and straight haired girlies wish they had wild waves. There is one common desire that brings all of us ladies together, though! We all want grogeous hair -- can you blame us? Luckily, the road to gorgeous locks is right in your kitchen. From broccoli to blueberries, GL is breaking down a list of foods that'll be sure to give ya that bombshell hair you've always dreamed of. 



Instead of spending money on expensive high-end conditioners, go the drug-store route and pick up a pack of peanuts on the way. Peanuts have natural oils which give the hair and scalp natural moisture and shine. Wait—you mean researchers have found a delicious snack that actually helps our physical appearance? You heard right ladies, it’s a happy day.

Oranges (And other citrus fruits)

Because of the amount of Vitamin C in oranges, eating this fruit actually creates an increase in collagen production, creating strong hair. Unfortunately a handsome prince won’t be able to scale your hair and save you from the confinement of your bedroom a-la tangled style, but you will fight some major breakage. Good enough for us.


Who knew a fruit so sweet and delicious could also be so healthy for our bodies? The antioxidants in blueberries fight against discoloration and spit ends—neither of which are cute on any level. Looks like we better stock up!


Maybe if you’re parents had told you broccoli would give you beautiful hair, you might’ve finished your dinner sooner as a child. Believe it or not, broccoli also contains Vitamin C, creating a natural conditioning and shine agent to hair. In addition, eating broccoli helps with blood circulation, creating a healthy scalp—healthy scalps are EVERYTHING when achieving luscious locks.

Skim milk

If you dream of having long, luscious locks minus the extensions, skim milk should be a crucial component in your diet. The calcium and protein in low fat dairy products like this actually speeds up hair growth, allowing you to grow long locks in a flash! 


by Melanie White | 2/1/2016