What your food cravings are really trying to telling you


Let's face it, we've all experienced nasty food cravings before. From something sweet to something salty (cue the "where the heck are those potato chips?") — usually, it's something you feel you just HAVE to have. But what are your food cravings really mean? Here are a few of the most common cravings and what they could be saying about the nutrients your bod may be lacking.


  • 1_chocolate.png


    Can't get your thoughts away from brownies or fudgy candy bars? Your bod may actually be in some serious need of magnesium. Try swapping out the chocolate for one of these to kick those cravings to the curb: 

    -Dark leafy greens

    -Sunflower seeds








    -Low-fat yogurt  

  • 2_candy.png

    Sugary foods 
    If you’re craving sugar, you might be lacking on one of many vital nutrients like chromium, carob, phosphorus, sulfur or tryptophan. wave goodbye to your sweet tooth with some of these alternatives:

    -Fresh fruits




    -Sweet potato

  • 3_chips.png

    Oily foods 

    If you’re craving oily foods this is your body’s way of asking for calcium, which is found in dairy products like milk and cheese, and also in green leafy vegetables. You can also find calcium in:


    -Legumes (AKA: beans and peas) 


  • 4_carbs.png


    If you’re craving carbs you really want nitrogen. This is found in high protein foods such as fish, beans and nuts. Next time you feel like grabbing a piece of white bread, try snacking on some trail mix or whipping up some tasty beans--this should do the trick!

  • 5_fries.png

    Salty foods 

    If you're itching for some french fries, potato chips or anything salty, really, your bod may be screaming for chloride. Instead of flunking that diet you have been working so hard for, try eating some fish with unrefined sea salt. Also, if your local grocery store carries goat milk, you may wanna sip on some of that to cure those salty cravings.


by Cheyenne Dermody | 2/1/2016