The best cures for all your spring allergy sneezes and sniffles


After months of cold winter weather, all we want to do is lay out in freshly cut grass and spend every second outside in the warm sunshine. Unfortunately for some of us, the change of season brings miserable seasonal allergies. From itchy eyes to a scratchy throat and runny nose—there are some girlies who experience it all. Sure, allergy medicine can help relieve your changing weather woes, but there’s actually ways to reduce the severity of your allergies that don’t include trips to the drug store. Here's how: 

Have some local honey

It sounds crazy, but eating local honey produced by bees in your region can actually help relieve allergies (not kidding). Apparently, if you eat a little of this every day, you’ll become more immune to local allergies. This might not work for everyone, but it’s def worth a try!

Leave your shoes (and pollen) at the door

Make sure when you walk in your house you leave your shoes by the door, outside or in the mud room. This reduces the amount of pollen you track into the 


Wash your hair before bed

Some of us like to shower in the morning, but cleansing your hair at night could be super beneficial to helping your allergy symptoms. If you wash your tresses in the evening before hitting the sheets, you won’t rub all the pollen from your hair onto your pillowcase—yuck. Avoid that at all costs.

Don’t leave windows and doors open

This applies to both your house and your car. Close your windows, doors, and use the A/C for some temperature relief. Use the recirculate option in your car so you don’t get any outside pollen coming in.

Dry your clothes in a dryer

If you usually dry your clothes on a line outside, you might want to quit this habit. While nothing smells better than fresh air-soaked t-shirts, they could be accumulating pollen while they dry.

Do you have any tips for dealing with spring allergies? Share in the comments below!


by Brittany Goers | 2/1/2016