Why sunglasses are more important than you think


Finally, summer is here and the sun seems to be shining more than ever. You’ve known the importance of protecting your skin from UV-rays for as long as you remember, but did you know your eyes need protection, too? It turns out your peepers need just as much UV protection as your skin. Studies show that the sun not only can put your skin at risk, but also your vision. We’ve got the lowdown on how your eyes are affected by the sun and what you can do to protect your eyesight.

Have your eyes ever felt super sensitive to the light after you get back from a beach day?

That’s probably because you got a sunburn in youreyes—yes, it can happen--otherwise known as photokeratitis. It means that there’s a burn in your cornea (the clear surface of your eye) caused by ultraviolet B rays. Symptoms from the burn include redness, swelling, headaches, hazy vision and temporary loss of vision.  In serious cases, this can cause a loss of vision for up to 48 hours. Yikes! 

That’s why wearing a good (and cute) pair of sunglasses with a high level of UVB protection (good sunnies should have a sticker telling you the protection factor) is super important. Plus, you’ll look extra fab at the beach. Happy sunny days!

Do your eyes feel sensitive from the sun when you don’t wear sunglasses?


by Alexa Santiago | 2/1/2016