Are you a perfectionist? Here's how to overcome it

Being a perfectionist can be a good thing: You always get assignments in on time, you probably get good grades and you are on top of everything you’re supposed to do. But, it can also be a burden because you are always tired, you put way too much pressure on yourself and while the highs are high, the lows are also super very low.

Most of us are guilty of being a perfectionist in some way. Whether it’s editing every single one of your Instagram selfies so you look #flawless or crying over a B plus on your French test, we can all benefit from learning to accept those less-than-perfect moments. If you think this is something you struggle with, follow these tips below to help you overcome perfectionism.

Admit that you are a perfectionist.
Some people don’t realize it and just think that they have high standards and strive for excellence. But, perfectionism is more than that, and the first step towards overcoming it is identifying if you have this problem. Wanting to achieve things is great. Feeling like an absolute failure if you don't or beating yourself up over everything or sacrificing your health, however, is *not*.

Set realistic standards.
One of the big problems with being a perfectionist is that you feel like you have failed if your goals aren’t met. But if you have gotten 98 percent or above on every algbra quiz the whole semester, then a 90 percent could feel like you have not succeeded. Understand what a reasonable goal is for yourself. 

Look at the big picture.
Put things in perspective and try not to obsess over small details and problems. Ask yourself: Will whatever I'm agonizing over matter tomorrow or next month? Remind yourself that while it might feel like it in the moment, whatever is going on is not the end of the world.

Don’t fear failure.
You can’t ace every single assignment and everyone has a bad day sometimes. Forgive yourself for mistakes, and don’t self-criticize. Instead, reflect on what you can learn from the mistake. Remember too that if you are too scared to face a challenge or step outside of your comfort zone, you could be missing out on some amaze opportunities.

Welcome group projects.
Group projects can be the worst, especially if your partners take advantage of you, or you’re the only one who cares. But teamwork is a really important skill to learn for everything in life. Plus, you need to learn how to give up control sometimes and be okay with it.

Are you a perfectionist? Did you try any of these tips? Let us know in the comments below!


by Amrita Bhasin | 7/5/2018