5 steps towards a more positive body image


Social media might make it seem like there’s only one ideal body type but we all come in different shapes and sizes and there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s a part of what makes us unique and beautiful. If you’re not quite feeling comfortable in your own skin, here are five steps you can take to start loving your body.

1. Stop the comparisons
Quit comparing your body to the girls you follow on Instagram, your friends and random girls you see while you’re out. These comparisons aren’t healthy. You are you (no one else!) and your body is perfect the way it is.

2. Leave yourself little notes
Write positive messages like “You’re beautiful” or “That outfit looks amazing on you” and stick them to your mirror. Every day when you look at yourself you will see those messages and eventually you will start to think more positively about yourself.

3. Evaluate your surroundings
If you feel you are constantly around people that make you feel bad about your body, ditch them! You shouldn’t let negative people take up mental space. Surround yourself with people who uplift you and make you feel good about yourself. (This includes who you follow on social media.)

4. Appreciate your body
Think of all the amazing things you are capable of because your body is functioning properly. Make a list of three things you really like about your body and focus on those things instead of the things you don’t like.

5. Take care of your body
Eat good foods, go for a jog, keep your skin moisturized and take bubble baths occasionally. If you take good care of your body and pamper yourself, you feel better from the inside out.

6. Wear what you want!
A big part of our confidence can come from what we put on our bodies. Wear whatever you feel good in and makes you comfortable. The only person whose opinion matters is yours.

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Photo credit: Aerie.


by Lauren McMillan | 12/26/2017