Feeling down? Check out these *insanely* motivational speeches

Are you feeling down? Maybe you are struggling in school. Or maybe you are struggling to find your passion. We get it and we've been there. But the truth is: You don't have to feel this way. With a little help and a little motivation it can and it *will* get better. But don't just take our word for it, check out these fierce #girlbosses who will tell you the same thing: You can do it. 

100 days without fear
This one is for the girl filled with fear. Michelle Poler, gives a totally fearless speech on how she feels the same way. But she also gives insight on how you can overcome (or deal with) your fear.


Why we should all be more millennial
This is for the girl who feels stuck at school or in her personal life. Ann Shoket, gives a powerful talk on why young women refuse to sit still. "You have the choice to be the architect of change or to let change happen to you. Take the reins," Ann says. 


Grit: The power of passion and perserverance
This next one is for the girl who has hit a rough patch at school. If you believe your schooling, grades and test scores define your smartness, watch this talk. There might just be another factor: grit. 

Your elusive creative genius
This last one is for the girl who has lost her creativity. Well, Elizabeth Gilbert is here to tell you: Your creative mind is still there. 

Tell us in the comments below, what do you do to feel better when you're struggling?


by Alyshia Hull | 3/9/2019