How to deal with your period during summer

Periods are the highlight of everyone's month, right? *Insert eye-roll emoji* Cramps, bloating and expensive hygiene products are just a few things us ladies are gifted with. The only thing better than having your period: having your period in hot, humid weather. (Read: definitely not.) Regardless, here are some simple ways to make your cycle more bearable during the upcoming summer months.

Wear comfortable clothing. This could be anything loose, stretchy or flowing. We aren't saying you have to wear a basic T-shirt and sweatpantsperhaps a sundress that makes you feel amazing.

Stay hydrated. Drinking what seems like tons of water is a favorite summer pastime. If you feel extra out of whack, sip on something with electrolytes. Pedialyte, anyone?

Do yoga. Anything that gets your blood flowing will relieve cramps and stress. Check out our effortless exercises to eliminate period pain

Vent. Venting is essential, whether you're spilling secrets to your BFF or scribbling in your BDF (Best Diary Forever). Bottling up your emotions is unhealthy and stressful. When everything is chaotic, it's important to maintain an inner peace.

Treat yourself. Everyone deserves an ice cream cone in the summer heat. Enough said.

Spend time with friends. Hanging with your tribe makes every situation seem a little less sticky. Get out of the house and do something fun with your favorite people.

Make the best of it. While being on your period makes some activities less enjoyable, it doesn't prevent you from having a great time. Once you're out in the sun having a blast, you'll forget all about your period. Hopefully. 

How do you make your monthly menstrual cycle bearable? Share your tips with us in the comments below! 


by Julia Bonney | 5/11/2018